Resources for Employers, Policymakers, & Advocates

Resources for Employers, Policymakers, & Advocates

Many COPD patients are productive employees, contributing to the workplace and workforce.  It is projected that 6.1% of the workforce will have COPD by 2016.  Early diagnosis and smoking cessation are key to helping keep the workforce strong and healthy, and minimizing costs to employers and healthcare.

1.      Toolkit

2.   Other Resources

Two joint, concurrent Hawaii resolutions on COPD have already passed.  There are many national issues affecting COPD, including Medicare reimbursements for oxygen and much more.  There is some Hawaii data about COPD and lung health screening as well.  All of Hawaii Public Housing will be smoke-free in the near future.  Many other rules, regulations and laws affect tobacco and COPD as well.  Below are a few resources about COPD and information on how to get involved in Hawaii and national issues.

Video Hawaii COPD Board Member Breathe LA Conference 2012 about COPD Statistics in Hawaii and US

Hawaii Legislative Issues

National Legislative Issues regarding COPD

3.   Statistics, Reports, & Plans

In the 2010 legislative session, the Hawaii COPD Coalition supported a join concurrent resolution, urging all of the Hawaii Congressional Delegation to support the funding and development of a national program for COPD.  In the 2012 legislative session, a joint concurrent resolution was passed for the Department of Health to create a state COPD Plan.  Planning with many stakeholder partners has begun in 2012 and continues.

Draft of Hawaii’s Strategic Framework for COPD

HI-COPD-Implementation-Plan-Draft-9.12-doc (on flashdrive, resources folder) ???

Report to Legislature about COPD

Report to Legislature 2012 on COPD Plan.doc  ????



November 2012 MMWR Report on COPD from 2011 state by state data

Funding of COPD:  Resources being devoted to Different Health Conditions & Mortality

Legislation about COPD in various states:


4.   Bibliography

Here is a small listing of the many resources related to COPD and chronic disease.  Please email this website if there are additional resources that you would like to recommend be added to this site.  Below are a few additional resource lists.

COPD Foundation Resources Page

Strategies for Chronic Care


COPD Foundation Resources Page

Air pollution

Preparing for Emergency


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Preventing Lung Cancer

Staging Lung Cancer

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Spanish



COPD Spanish

Signs and Symptoms COPD

Signs and symptoms COPD Spanish


Genetics and lung disease


A1AD Spanish

Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulse Oximetry


Rx Spanish

Sleep Studies

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy spanish

Palliative Care


PFTs (Lung Tests) for COPD Spanish


Surgery COPD Spanish


Resources for Employers, Policymakers, & Advocates April 10, 2013

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