HI Life with Coronavirus – Delivery Resources

People with chronic lung conditions and those over 60 are considered particularly at risk of getting severely ill if infected with the novel coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Such people should be especially careful to socially distance and avoid crowds.  Here are some tools to help:

For Groceries

There’s a new Hawaii nonprofit to help provide free deliveries (of groceries, medications, etc.) for those who must stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic called “Help is on the Way.”  Its phone is (406)426-1013 and email hihelpisontheway@gmail.com. In addition, call or check the websites of your local grocers, some offer delivery by appointment, or curbside pick up.

Another option is Kau Kau Box.  They offer delivery for a $15 charge or you can pick up the box at no extra charge.  The box (which is pre-set and changes each week) includes chef-made food and farm fresh local produce; quantities are limited.  Details about payment, ordering boxes and pick up/delivery are on the website.

There is also instacart, a web and smartphone service, which has purchase and delivery options for stores such as Safeway, Times, Foodland, Costco and Sam’s Club.  For seniors who shop for their own groceries, several places (Times, Foodland, Costco, Target, etc.) offer Kupuna store hours for people age 60 and older plus an accompanying person.  Please check with each store for details and updates.

For Medications:

With regard to pharmacies, some offer low cost or free delivery via mail or pick-up via drive through–call them to learn your options.  Pharmacies may also be able to refill prescriptions for 90 days if you ask and your provider agrees; this can help reduce your need to leave the house and help limit your risk and exposure.  You can also inquire with your insurer as to what options they may have for you to get medications delivered or mailed to your home.

For Prepared Meals:

Free or low cost meals are available through Hawaii Meals on Wheels, phone 808-988-6747.  A new service that offers food delivery from several restaurants is Food-A-Go-Go Elite Delivery.  There is a $10 delivery fee, but the restaurants get 100% of the amount of the order (no charge to them from the service).  In addition, some restaurants are offering delivery for low or no fee as well–call and ask.  There are also multiple different services that offer delivery from local eateries, including UberEats, DoorDash, Bite Squad and Room Service in Paradise.