Hawaii COPD Newsletter – March 2014

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COPD Support Groups for 2014

Check out the support groups for 2014!

Please note:   There will be NO COPD Support Group at Queen’s in May or June of 2014; please RSVP for future Queen’s meetings.

Lots of information at our website, www.hawaiicopd.org.  As always, meetings are free and open to the public.  They are held at Pali Momi Medical Center, Kaiser Honolulu on Pensacola, Queen’s Medical Center and 15 Craigside.  Check the calendar for details.

Current Legislation?

Air Quality–Tobacco & E-Smoke & Tax

There are several bills in our counties and others in our legislature affecting our state’s air quality.  For more information, contact the Coalition for Tobacco Free Hawaii, 591-6510 and speak to TIffany or email Valerie@hawaiicopd.org about how you can help us all have cleaner air for all and fewer youth hooked on nicotine.

Oxygen & Other Equipment

There is also a bill to improve patient and healthcare provider access to durable medical equipment companies in Hawaii.  For more information about this, email Valerie@hawaiicopd.org.

Virtual Lobby Week–Support Respiratory Therapists
From March 21 to April 1, please contact Congress via emails, letters and phone calls to let our elected Congress men and women know that we patients, respiratory therapists and supporters to need H.R.2619 Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act of 2013.  This will allow qualified, registered respiratory therapists directly supervised by physicians to be reimbursed for their education and care of patients with COPD,asthma and other lung conditions.  Go to this link on the American Association for Respiratory Care website for more information.  http://www.aarc.org/advocacy/lobby_week_exp/

Save the Date:
Saturday, September 13–COPD Education Day
Our eighth annual COPD Education Day will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Queen’s Conference Center, 9am-2pm.  Please save the date!  Details upcoming–check the webpage for more information as it becomes available.

Events Page

There is an events page at the bottom of the homepage (https://hawaiicopd.org) as well as on the events page (https://hawaiicopd.org/events/)