COVID-19 Resources for COPD Community

There is SO much information about the new coronavirus. It can be hard to know what to trust and where to turn. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has just come out with new guidelines on how to protect yourself and others. Here’s a new page on “How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask.” Also, CDC Info on How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19. There is also a CDC Care Plan that folks can complete with their loved ones, CDC Care Plan Form. Many additional helpful resources are at the CDC link. Another great resource is the US COPD Coalition website, as well as the COPD Foundation. The COPD Foundation has videos specially made for the COPD community, as well as specific suggestions for patients and caregivers.

Another article about different ways to clean your cloth mask to protect you from covid on National Public Radio, “Coronavirus FAQ: How Do I Clean My Mask–Washing Machine? Oven? Broccoli Steamer?”

Another useful site is the Hawaii Department of Health COVID-19 section. It provides the latest Hawaii cases, basic information you should know, what you can do, travel information and provider information. You can also call 768-CITY for City and County of Honolulu COVID-19 resources or call the COVID-19 Hotline, 2-1-1 from 7am-10pm. If you’re interested in other states, check out this link compiled by Nancy of Emphysema Foundation For our Right to Survive (EFFORTS).

National information is here at the Centers for Disease Control, particularly as it relates to patients with lung disease, who are at higher risk of getting very ill if they get the novel coronavirus. A source for international information is Worldometer.

Another great site about COPD-19 is the American Lung Association. It contains articles, some videos, links and resources. It also provides information about a weekly webinar that you can participate in and an information line.

Masks & Face Shields: New link on making face shields is at this link: Face Shields You Can Make with Glasses or Sunglasses Frame. There is so much information about masks and face shields, their effectiveness and how to obtain and/or make them, a good discussion about them with links for free patterns (patterns on page 3) and information about how to make them is at this link: Masks–Who Should Wear Them and How to Get Them?