11th Annual COPD Ed Day, Sat., 9/16, FREE!

Join us for the FREE 11th annual COPD Education Day on Saturday, 9/16, 9am-2pm at Queen’s Conference Center. As always, there will be lots of great exhibitors and speakers. New this year are the COPD National Action Plan and the Leonard Nimoy COPD Movie Preview.

Our emcee this year will be Jackie Young, former legislator and Staff Chief of ACS Hawaii; lung specialist Eric Crawley, MD of Straub Hospital and Clinic; exercise specialist Josh Cordova of Rehab Center of the Pacific; pharmacist Daniel Sabin of Longs Aina Haina; the Kapiolani Community College Respiratory Therapy Team; a special guest speaker; and Valerie Chang, COPD patient and advocate.

Brochures are available at all Oahu public libraries, Kaiser Permanente Respiratory Department, Queen’s Conference Center, Straub Hospital, and many other locations. Register Now, or by emailing your contact information and the number of participants to Valerie@hawaiicopd.org, or calling 808-699-9839 and leaving a message with your contact information and the number of participants attending. Please remember to bring a jacket as the air-conditioning is cold. Bring your inhalers and spacers for one-on-one training to be sure you’re getting the most out of your treatments. See you There!